Technical Drawings

FloorplansLayouts to scaleUnique table layoutsDiagramsBirds eye

Every component must work together in harmony to produce a flawless event.  Everything must fit.  We carefully draw venue floor plans and stage layouts that have all the detail and dimensions you need. 

Stage and lighting plots

Let us simplify the cluttered, overly detailed hotel cad file to create a diagram that makes sense. 

Busy project managers know what they need, but may not have the time to draw it up.  

12’ x 32’ stage?    Upstage truss?  Downstage truss?    Front of house position?   Audio land?   Video Land?   Delay screens?    Cable pick points?  

If the stage is 10’ off the back wall do the rig points line up with the upstage edge?

From a lighting perspective where is best placement for a 12’ x 32’ stage in this ballroom?  

Table and Seating Diagrams

Do you need to fit 1200 people into the ballroom?  Will it work with the stage size and configuration?  What about the buffet tables and will service have adequate ingress and egress?

Our seating diagrams take the guesswork out of it. 

3D Floorplan or "birds eye view

Part rendering, part diagram, a 3d floorplan can be a useful tool in certain situations. 

Shop and fabrication drawings

Nice design, yes, but somebody has to build it.  We create detailed build drawings on demand, taking the guess work out of it for your fabrication team.